1920’s French Art Deco Beaded and Sequined Dress

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Consider this dress the companion to the tuxedo I posted yesterday – classy, elegant, and perfect for a New Year’s Eve or Christmas cocktail party, with a starting price of $9.99 – affordable elegance at its best! I simply love beaded 1920’s dresses and this one from eBay seller malinalco is truly exceptional, with an amazing combination of beading and sequins straight from the Champs Elysees. I am at a loss for words….it’s just so beautiful!

Shock and Awe: Trashy Diva’s Holiday Dress Collection

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Sadie dress with bow appliques

I decided this blog post’s title was appropriate after I checked the Trashy Diva website yesterday to see if anything new was available. As I clicked through to the main page my jaw dropped as I saw the most awesome collection of holiday dresses this season, in vibrant pink, teal, and purple with sequins and beading. My awe quickly turned to shock as I noticed the prices on these dresses. Trashy Diva has always been in the upper register of prices I feel comfortable posting on Lindy Shopper, but these dresses have surpassed the comfort level. I’ve been torn as to whether or not to write about this. On one hand I love Trashy Diva, Candice Gwinn has impeccable taste in patterns and fabrics, and I want to support retailers who provide dancers with durable reproduction clothing. On the other hand, the price. I decided to let your wallets decide and show you the goods. If anything, these dresses should be admired.

The holiday collection includes a number of beautiful dresses with sleeves, which is a rare thing to find in any designer’s collection. The Sadie dress, a staple of prior collections, has been morphed into a gorgeous confection of drapery and sparkle, two giving a nod to what could be considered and what I would affectionately call big band singer dresses or Golden Girls dresses, and another with Art Deco beading around the neckline. Other favorites, the 40’s dress and the Obi dress, are reinvented in the gorgeous, vibrant colors of this collection. All the dresses in the collection are made from heavy weight silk crepe de chine – if you are not familiar, it is quite possibly the most luxurious fabric I have ever touched and drapes like a dream.

Here’s what I’ll add to my closet when I win the lottery:

Sadie dress with Art Deco beading
1940's dress in glorious pink
The Rosalind dress is two tone awesomeness - with sleeves!


This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

At the last RDU Rent Party dance I had at least 3 people tell me I had lipstick on my teeth. On each occasion, I would look toward the one bathroom for the studio and it was always occupied and there was no other mirror in sight. Rather than give up red lips altogether, I decided it was time to invest in a compact.

I immediately went to eBay and, rather than my usual bargains, I was blown away at most of the prices (or at least the prices for the vintage compacts I wanted). I did find a few less expensive gems, that I will post below.

Kyle Designs Art Deco Compact

A quick Google search for “art deco compact” yielded a hit for Kyle Designs, which has a custom Art Deco-inspired compact for $25.00. Customization includes selecting the metal, the color plate, and for a few dollars more you can have the compact engraved. I think this would make a great gift for the ladies, gents. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

I also browsed through Etsy and found ByMIMI, who embellishes her compacts with bits of filligree, vintage jewelry, and some whimsy. Finally, dnacreations on Etsy offered a number of pin-up girl compacts at the low price of $4.00. I’ve posted some samples from these two sellers below, as well.

Now, to decide which compact I want the most…

1930's checkerboard compact on eBay
1940's blue enamel compact on eBay
1940's Dorset Fifth Avenue compact on eBay
Art Deco compact on eBay
1934 Deakin and Frances compact on eBay
Betty Boop compact ByMIMI
Unicorn compact ByMIMI
Black rose compact ByMIMI
Pinup girl compact by dnacreations
Pinup girl compact by dnacreations

Tucker for Target

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Unlike the highly anticipated Zac Posen collection for Target, I had never heard of Tucker by Gaby Basora, so I was not planning on showing up at Target at 8:00 a.m. the day the collection debuted to get first dibs on the goods. However, after I saw an ad in VOGUE for the Tucker collection featuring an Art Deco print dress paired with a wide brim hat and flapper stockings, I changed my mind and set my alarm for 7:40 a.m. this morning to go check it out.

Target was blissfully empty at 8:00 this morning and I had a fantastic time rummaging through this fall collection that has a little something for everyone and some great pieces for work, fun, dancing, and evening. Some of my favorites from the collection are a burnout velvet dress, an orange polka dot blouse, an orange herringbone skirt, a sparkly boucle cocktail dress, several floral dresses, and a pair of herringbone shorts. The fabrics are obviously not the designer’s usual silks, but the fabrics chosen for the collection didn’t feel or look cheap, they draped well, and are much more washable and wearable from this dancer’s practical perspective.

The clothing from the collection is shown in “looks,” but I was more inspired looking at Tucker’s official web site. The intro video was delightful eye candy, with vintage-inspired looks featuring Tucker’s fall collection with vintage jewelry, hairstyles that ranged from Gibson Girl to Marie Antoinette, crocheted gloves, flapper headbands, red lips, hair flowers, and dessert. 🙂

Here are some potentially dance-worthy pieces:

I bought this whole look, work appropriate and danceable - the fit was fantastic
I'm wishing this burnout velvet dress had fit me better...or, better yet, that the collection had a 1920's-inspired dress in this fabric
Black boucle dress
This dress looks painfully short on the Target model, but was not terribly short and would be comfortable for dancing
These shorts are awesome - I'd pair them with suspenders and a newsboy cap or a girly blouse

Busy Ties

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

One of these ties popped into my saved eBay search this morning.  I clicked to check out the seller’s other items and POW!  These five patterned ties showed up.

Busy patterns and designs can be tricky to wear.  Wear it properly and you can look very sharp.  Overdo it and you risk looking like a train wreck.  For ties like these, your best bet is to pair their patterns with a neutral background.  i.e. now is not the time to wear your favorite gingham shirt.  Wear a plain, blue or white dress shirt and you’ll do just fine.  (Assuming everything fits, of course).

Black/gold art deco tie, starts at $15
Deco, geometric shapes tie, starts at $19
(not to be worn with tweed, ever) starts at $15
Black/gold diagonal stripes and shapes, starts at $13
gold pattern on a black background, starts at $25

Proceed with caution; these ties would look very bad in the wrong hands.  Happy hunting!

Art Deco Ties

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

This post is short and sweet.  I intend to do a longer post on ties in the future, but for now, I’ll just post this lot of 5 ties.

These are wide ties, most of them hovering around or beyond 4 inches; ties that would look best tied a bit short with a tie bar and high-waisted trousers, a vintage-inspired look I saw several leads rocking at ILHC this year.

Lot of 5 wide ties, bidding starts at $39.99. Buy now for $49.99. Even at $10/tie, that's not too bad.

1920’s Black Cloche

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

This 1920’s cloche is remarkable in many ways. The hat is unworn and it is truly rare to find 1920’s deadstock items. But even greater is the styling on this hat – it not only has that wonderful cloche shape, but the details on this hat, like the seaming that is a nod to Art Deco, the baubles on the side, and the mix of materials and textures make this more than just a hat, but also a subtly elegant and eclectic fashion statement.

1920’s Dresses on eBay

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Enough things have popped up this week from the 1920’s with low starting bids (most under $30) that a post was necessary!

Beaded Art Deco dress with matching scarf
Lovely lavender cotton dress
Silk crepe dress with shawl collar - easy mend on seam in back
Gray/beige sequin dress
Peach dress with floral embroidery
Black sheer beaded dress

Urban Outfitters, May 2010 Catalog

I got the Urban Outfitters catalog in the mail yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at the offerings. Lately I felt like Urban had gone astray, focusing on clothing items that look like something I could find at Goodwill and would never wear (as opposed to items I could find at Goodwill and would definitely wear) or it was just more of the same hipster garb I already had in my closet. However, they appear to be coming out of this sort of ratty, gross phase and are offering some really interesting pieces, including clothing and shoes that appear to be dance-worthy. I began dog-earring the pages of my catalog immediately and, upon closer inspection of the website there are even more pretty things for guys and gals, more than I am posting here. Here’s what I liked:

The catalog showed these shoes in black, with black fishnets and painted toes - very hot! They come in a hot pink, too. 😉
Chiffon lady dress - maybe to go with those pink t-straps? Also comes in blue and gray.
Loving all this chiffon - this one comes in a berry stripe, too!
Nice detailing on the puff sleeve - comes in several prints.

Chiffon drop waist dress.  I love that they have the models twirling in some of these dresses to show off the fluid skirts!

Art Deco inspired tank
Tap shorts!
For the guys, I liked these sneakers with a sort of cross-hatch fabric.
An interesting take on the saddle shoe, for men.
Classic Bass saddle shoe
Stripey socks! They also have argyle and plaid.
Straw fedora, comes in four colors.

Pretty frocks to cure your case of the Mondays

On Mondays the eBay sellers get back to work with fresh vintage auctions for the week. Here’s what today’s listing had to offer:

Coral beaded flapper dress

Adorable blue gingham dress with bows on the shoulders and buttons up the side.

Colorful feedsack print dress.

Citrus striped sundress.

Aqua patterned 40’s day dress with puffed sleeves and rickrack.

Chevron striped sundress.

Black crepe cocktail dress with beading detail.

Art deco-inspired earrings.

Field trip: Putting on the Ritz, Winston-Salem, NC

Run, don’t walk, to Winston-Salem, NC to experience the gorgeous vintage clothing and treasures at Putting on the Ritz. The store owner Hans Hauser has a lifelong passion for vintage clothing and accessories and it shows in every square inch of the house he has converted into a vintage clothing store. Through his vintage consignment sources, friendships with vintage collectors, and his own efforts to retrieve specific pieces from faraway locations, Hans has collected one of the best, if not the best, vintage clothing and accessories collection for sale in the state.

I met Hans about 5 years ago when my friend Sharon Ferris directed me to this treasure trove. I purchased a 1940’s bathing suit that I wore to VBLX that year for the battleship dance. Even though I had not seen him in 5 years, he knew immediately who I was today and pulled out the picture I sent him of me in the bathing suit from behind the countertop. My friend Laura Boyes and I ended up exploring the shop and chatting with Hans for about 3 1/2 hours – excellent company and excellent vintage!

The shop is jam packed full of a mix of vintage, designer consignment, and glitzy clothing. The list of notables is long: straw boaters, men’s 50’s hats, Yves Saint Laurent black satin pumps, a white fur capelet, 50’s prom and day dresses (some with matching jackets), 30’s and 40’s gowns worthy of an MGM movie, flowered 40’s day dresses, a velvet trimmed 40’s suit, wide brim ladies hats, art deco costume jewelry, wedding dresses from the Victorian era through the 50’s, delicious 40’s platforms, bias cut lingerie, and a burnout velvet 20’s dress that came home with me.

If you are interested in any of the clothing items I have posted or would like to know more, please contact Hans Hauser at (336) 659-9944. He is happy to work out arrangements over the phone and he also does layaway.

Putting on the Ritz
304 Harvey Street
Winston-Salem, NC

The shop is open Tuesday through Friday, noon to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

P.S. Pardon my unmade face – I think it’s easier on the clothes if I don’t wear makeup when I try on vintage clothing.

White 40's crepe dress, buttons up the front with scalloped edge around the buttons.
Pink 50's cotton sundress with matching bolero jacket.
Light blue 40's crepe gown shown with wide brim blue straw hat with a velvet ribbon.
Union Jack crepe evening gown that did not actually fit me, so I am holding the zipper on the side. This dress is stunning in person and will look much better on someone else.
This 20's burnout velvet dress is mine!
Navy blue 40's (?) sheer dress with painted on polka dots and matching under-slip.
50's plaid day dress with really cool polka dot detailing where the plaids cross.
Leopard print bathing suit - rawrrrr!
MGM starlet white evening gown with gold trim and cutout triangle in the front. Made for someone tiny.
Brown 40's suede platforms, small size.
Green suede 40's platforms with perforated suede and button detail, small size.
More gorgeous art deco brooches.
Boater hats - gents, sorry there wasn't more for you in the store. The boater on the left with the blue and red ribbon was sized 7 1/8. No size was found in the boater with black ribbon, but I tried on both and the boater with the black ribbon was slightly larger, so I'd say it was about a 7 1/4. Michael Q., here's looking at you to check a boater in one of these sizes off your shopping challenge!
View of some of the men's hats.
View of one of the main rooms in the store.
Adorable sportswear hat of unknown decade. SO CUTE!
Green satin platforms!
Mexican straw luggage.
A view of what I am calling the wedding dress corner.

Art Deco era goodness from eBay

I am a Deco-holic, on top of my other addictions. I am always looking for Art Deco jewelry online and in antique shops and, of course, vintage clothing from this era. Here are some of today’s Art Deco goodies from eBay.

A gorgeous brooch that separates to become two separate dress clips – brilliant! And if you think you won’t wear this, it seriously comes in handy and is a really versatile piece – I have one and have worn it as a jacket pin, capelet pin, dress pin both at the waist/belt and at the bottom of a V-neck, and have strung it on a chain and worn as a very impressive pendant.

While we are talking jewels, check out these lovely dress clips! Oooh, and these!

I am also in love with this dress and would hem it to knee length and hem the sleeves for dances if it were my size.

Note: Don’t be constrained by measurements and length! Vintage clothing can usually be altered by someone with experience. If you are in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, I have someone I can refer you to.