Urban Outfitters, May 2010 Catalog

I got the Urban Outfitters catalog in the mail yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at the offerings. Lately I felt like Urban had gone astray, focusing on clothing items that look like something I could find at Goodwill and would never wear (as opposed to items I could find at Goodwill and would definitely wear) or it was just more of the same hipster garb I already had in my closet. However, they appear to be coming out of this sort of ratty, gross phase and are offering some really interesting pieces, including clothing and shoes that appear to be dance-worthy. I began dog-earring the pages of my catalog immediately and, upon closer inspection of the website there are even more pretty things for guys and gals, more than I am posting here. Here’s what I liked:

The catalog showed these shoes in black, with black fishnets and painted toes - very hot! They come in a hot pink, too. 😉
Chiffon lady dress - maybe to go with those pink t-straps? Also comes in blue and gray.
Loving all this chiffon - this one comes in a berry stripe, too!
Nice detailing on the puff sleeve - comes in several prints.

Chiffon drop waist dress.  I love that they have the models twirling in some of these dresses to show off the fluid skirts!

Art Deco inspired tank
Tap shorts!
For the guys, I liked these sneakers with a sort of cross-hatch fabric.
An interesting take on the saddle shoe, for men.
Classic Bass saddle shoe
Stripey socks! They also have argyle and plaid.
Straw fedora, comes in four colors.

2 thoughts on “Urban Outfitters, May 2010 Catalog

  1. I usually wander into Urban Outfitters when my sister goes shopping, but I’ve yet to buy anything. This post may change that.

    I’m not normally a fan of traditional saddle shoes; they remind me middle school girls, in a bad way. The “interesting take” you pointed out is pretty cool, though. I like the slimmed down heel, which makes it more like a trainer/sneaker.

    I equally endorse striped and argyle socks!

    Did you happen to see the two toned chukka boots? (http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=17899204&navAction=jump&isProduct=true&parentid=MORE%20IDEAS&isProduct=true&cross-sell=true&guide-bn=true)
    Not necessarily Lindy Shopper material, but I think they’re pretty cool.

    Men! Do yourself a favor and be sure to buy hats that complement your face. In the same way that a tall hat on a man with a long face looks downright silly (Think the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George), the right hat can pull together your look in a way few other accessories can. I suppose the same applies to the ladies.

    Here’s an excellent guide from Miller hats: http://millerhats.com/hatcare_index/hatfaces.html

  2. I did see the chukka boot, but I was trying to stay away from non-danceable shoes. 🙂

    The same absolutely applies to ladies, and extends to hair accessory placement and even the shape and placement of victory rolls.

    Thanks for the comments, Mr. Q!

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