Busy Ties

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

One of these ties popped into my saved eBay search this morning.  I clicked to check out the seller’s other items and POW!  These five patterned ties showed up.

Busy patterns and designs can be tricky to wear.  Wear it properly and you can look very sharp.  Overdo it and you risk looking like a train wreck.  For ties like these, your best bet is to pair their patterns with a neutral background.  i.e. now is not the time to wear your favorite gingham shirt.  Wear a plain, blue or white dress shirt and you’ll do just fine.  (Assuming everything fits, of course).

Black/gold art deco tie, starts at $15
Deco, geometric shapes tie, starts at $19
(not to be worn with tweed, ever) starts at $15
Black/gold diagonal stripes and shapes, starts at $13
gold pattern on a black background, starts at $25

Proceed with caution; these ties would look very bad in the wrong hands.  Happy hunting!


2 thoughts on “Busy Ties

  1. I am interested in more dancewear. I wear keds to dance in and am looking for saddle shoes.
    Our Best from Lindy Revival Williamsburg , VA Wendy Craighill and Donna Poissant

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