Jazz Age Lawn Party 2011

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I am overjoyed to be returning to the Jazz Age Lawn Party this year! Held twice during the summer on Governor’s Island, off the tip of Manhattan, this event is a beautiful celebration of the Jazz Age, the Roaring Twenties, and the music, dancing, and clothing of that era. The people-watching at this event is unparalleled, as are the opportunities for photographers to capture images of the past in the present.

I went to the JALP last year in August for the first time and was delighted to discover some great vendors of vintage, reproduction, and vintage-inspired items. I am hopeful that some of the vendors from last year will return and that there may be a few new vendors to blog about when I get back. Until then, au revior!

My friend Rachel and I at last year's JALP - Rachel writes a wonderful blog on French food and culture, her Martha Stewart tendencies, and her life as a cupcake slinger at http://idratherbeinfrance.com/.

6 thoughts on “Jazz Age Lawn Party 2011

  1. I saw pictures from this event on The Sartorialist before I started swing dancing, and now it’s one of the events I’d love to attend someday. Hope you have a wonderful time! 🙂

  2. I went to the Aug 20, 2011 Jazz age party. Overall, it was a great delight to see wonderfully clad people in their jazz age theme and listen to the fabulous live band. I would definitely go again and be more ready by bringing a picnic blanket and prolly bringing my own lunch.
    However, the organization or administration needed a bit more improvement with traffic controlling. There needs to be more signs to direct to open entrances– there were actually three entrances. Most people thought there was only one and we saw people lined up almost half a mile long whereas another line only had 10 people.
    Also, there were three people sitting at the entrance table and they were oblivious to the long lines and not getting people in quick. They took their time chatting and fumbling and one person crossing off names manually looking up a list of names while the other two people were doing nothing .(You can divide name lists among three people and find a name faster that way.) In other words, they took all day to just let one person in. I can’t say all of the tables were mismanaged but the third, farthest entrance with the shortest line had some inefficient people sitting there.
    I had to buy tickets for drinks and food and the stand in another line to order the food. I felt like my time was spent waiting in lines for half the time I was there. My 10 dollar chicken salad with fruit as a side dish lunch was pretty good which included a nice pineapple pie. My lemonade was tasty until I realized the lady didn’t even check the cup before she filled it up.I had a small pile of tree leaves and dirt at the bottom of my cup. How disgusting! With all the ice, I didn’t see it until I finished my drink. She was the girl at the beer/ lemonade place. Shame on you for giving me a 4 dollar lemonade with dirt in it. I’m assuming you haven’t served drinks outdoors before.
    Next time, I will be attending the jazz age lawn party, but I will not be using the vendor services, unless I need bottled water or dessert.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you had a bit of a rough time. The lines do tend to be long, so I have either brought a picnic or had a large meal beforehand. I’d hate to cut into too much dancing time because I was standing in line! As for the entrance lines, I can’t say I’ve had the same experience, but the event grows every year and I know they are doing the best they can to keep up with the demand.

      Also, I am not affiliated with the Jazz Age Lawn Party, I am merely a guest, just like you. If you have any feedback and possible suggestions, please contact Michael Arenella at Michael@DreamlandOrchestra.com.

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