Silver 1920’s Tap Shoes

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I know this item is a bit tangential, but I wanted to post these 1920’s tap shoes from eBay for several reasons. First, how many pairs of dance shoes do we come across that are this old? Regular shoes are already hard to come by, but shoes made specifically for dancing are even rarer, given the amount of wear and tear on any pair of dance shoes. You can see that this pair was definitely worn.

I also love that they are silver, which leads me to believe these were performance shoes and not practice shoes. Who would have worn these and what kind of fantastic, shiny show were they in? Or if they weren’t in a show, that they had silver practice shoes is pretty awesome, no?

Finally, I love the holes for the ribbons to tie the shoes on. When I was a little girl taking tap lessons my tap shoes had these ribbon holes and I thought having the bows on my feet were lovely. Think of the ribbon possibilities…any color!


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