One Year of Lindy Shopper

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

April 21 marks one whole year of blogging as Lindy Shopper – has it been that long already? It’s been a wonderful year and your growing support encourages me to continue writing this blog. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough material after a few months, but wonderful things keep coming my way, in part because of the large network of Lindy Hoppers worldwide who talk about products they love or sell themselves. More great content came from Lindy Dandy, whose insight into menswear and dressing well is universally applicable while maintaining Mr. Dandy’s own personal sense of style. Thank you all!

How many people read Lindy Shopper? It’s hard to say, but we are averaging 132 page views per day right now and are just shy of 30,000 views for the year. I am fascinated by the stats and probably spend more time following stats when I should be checking my posts for spelling and grammatical errors. šŸ˜‰

Some more stats:

The most page views in one day, 234, occurred on April 4, 2011, when I wrote a post about My Heinies. Clearly, there is a need for bloomers in the swing dance community!

The most popular post of the year, with the most views of all time, was the post on Leluxe Clothing Co., maker of gorgeous 1920’s beaded reproduction dresses and Lindy Shopper’s first “supporter.” Leluxe also has the most “clicks,” the number of people clicking on a link to a particular site.

The most frequent search terms people have used to find Lindy Shopper (other than “Lindy Shopper”) are “bettie page clothing,” “reed shirtdress,” and “saddle shoe sneakers.”

My top referrers were from the Lindy Shopper Facebook page and wall posts (the power of social media) and from Rabbits and Toasters (the power of syndication).

I hope you continue to enjoy this blog and, as always, suggestions for content and shopping challenges are welcome. Thanks for a great year!

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