Walk on Water

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Raleigh Vintage on Etsy has delivered another winner, this time in the form of these gorgeous 1940’s shoes with a blue swirl/wave across the toes. This is such a unique pair of shoes that they almost look too modern – but for the shape of the shoes I’d claim they were a remnant of Miu Miu’s 2008 suede shoe collection. Estimated at a size 6.5/7, but check the listing for actual measurements. If they were in my size I would plan an entire outfit around them…

8 thoughts on “Walk on Water

  1. By the width, they’re a narrow. I’m a 7, my shoes are mostly around 9.5 inches long-but the width on all my shoes is closer to 3.5 inches. Granted, I have borderline wide feet, but there’s no way they’re a medium width if the ball of the foot is under 3 inches.

  2. These are actually early 50s shoes. The heel gives it away. Peeptoes were still popular then but heels tended to me a lot chunkier in the 40s.

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