A Beginner’s Guide to Swing Dance Wardrobe Basics

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I’ve written a guest post for Raleigh Vintage on what a brand new, never-been-to-a-swing-dance-before, dancer might want to know before heading to their first swing dance. I know there are tons of these, written for every swing dance society/group ever created, but I figured these things can’t be said enough – the more resources, the better.

Check out the post on the Raleigh Vintage blog.


Beach Pajamas

In this post I’m going to pay homage to La Mode Pyjama, a blog devoted entirely to beach pajamas of the 1920’s and 1930’s. While this blog is not a source for the actual purchase of said pajamas, it does offer wonderful and inspiring photographs and postcards of beachwear from that era, highlighting various styles of beach pajamas. The material here is simply gorgeous – the colors, the shapes, the scenery, it’s like a wonderful time machine to a tropical destination. The beachwear shown here is so creative, ranging from clean and chic to drapey and sophisticated, with each outfit showing different parts and amounts of skin.

Sassy ladies in beach pajamas

The blog is affiliated with the Trojan Academy of Studies Cartophiles, which, according to the blog (as translated by Babelfish/Yahoo, as I don’t speak French) “Its goal is to study the old postcards, i.e. to carry a glance on the technique cartophile, to evaluate their historical interest, to consider their sociological interest. Monthly meetings make it possible to the members to make their presentations. Studies made by the members of the Trojan Academy of studies cartophiles and relating to teaching, the leisures, various local events, of communes and any subject cartophile without exclusiveness in places. The academy publishes postcards of collection (47 achievements) primarily devoted to the local life and booklets taking again the contents of the conferences of its members.” I have an aunt who collects old postcards of Beaufort, North Carolina, my hometown, and it a fascinating study of the past, leisure, and writings from the beach. To focus on a particular fashion trend of the time that is directly associated with the beach is a great way to show how the postcards convey the fun and relaxation to be had (or to envy, if you are the recipient of the postcard) at the beach.

Wearing History Patterns beach pajamas

With beach pajamas you don’t have to sweat how you look on the beach, you simply look fabulous in a floaty, elegant, drapey, one piece pantsuit. Top it off with a big brimmed floppy hat, sandals, and beach tote and you’re ready for a day in the sun without having to worry about your ghostly white legs, bikini line, or any undesirable bits showing in your bikini…no worries means you might actually relax at the beach. I think we’re on to something here.

Where can you find your own pair of beach pajamas? A Google search reveals that you can buy a pair for your American Girl doll, but finding a life sized pair will prove more difficult. Unless you can find a vintage pair somewhere (likelihood: slim), you will probably have to either make your own pair from a pattern, like this one from Wearing History Patterns, or have a pair made for you, like this adorable pair from Etsy seller Time Machine Vintage. I opted for the latter and am so pleased with the results (in green, of course) – beyond comfortable!

Time Machine Vintage's reproduction beach pajamas

While these pajamas were widely photographed at the beach, you certainly shouldn’t relegate your beach pajamas to purely sandy locations – they’ve been spotted “puttering in the garden,” I could see this as a great hostess outfit, and I’ve definitely spotted Heidi Rosenau wearing hers out dancing. If you have a pair, I’d love to see yours out on the dance floor!

One Year of Lindy Shopper

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

April 21 marks one whole year of blogging as Lindy Shopper – has it been that long already? It’s been a wonderful year and your growing support encourages me to continue writing this blog. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough material after a few months, but wonderful things keep coming my way, in part because of the large network of Lindy Hoppers worldwide who talk about products they love or sell themselves. More great content came from Lindy Dandy, whose insight into menswear and dressing well is universally applicable while maintaining Mr. Dandy’s own personal sense of style. Thank you all!

How many people read Lindy Shopper? It’s hard to say, but we are averaging 132 page views per day right now and are just shy of 30,000 views for the year. I am fascinated by the stats and probably spend more time following stats when I should be checking my posts for spelling and grammatical errors. 😉

Some more stats:

The most page views in one day, 234, occurred on April 4, 2011, when I wrote a post about My Heinies. Clearly, there is a need for bloomers in the swing dance community!

The most popular post of the year, with the most views of all time, was the post on Leluxe Clothing Co., maker of gorgeous 1920’s beaded reproduction dresses and Lindy Shopper’s first “supporter.” Leluxe also has the most “clicks,” the number of people clicking on a link to a particular site.

The most frequent search terms people have used to find Lindy Shopper (other than “Lindy Shopper”) are “bettie page clothing,” “reed shirtdress,” and “saddle shoe sneakers.”

My top referrers were from the Lindy Shopper Facebook page and wall posts (the power of social media) and from Rabbits and Toasters (the power of syndication).

I hope you continue to enjoy this blog and, as always, suggestions for content and shopping challenges are welcome. Thanks for a great year!