Feliz Primavera tango shoes

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

All Balboa Weekend is just around the corner, so I’ve got heels on the brain. I already own enough dance heels, but I find myself always coming back to this website, Feliz Primavera, to drool over the delicious tango shoes. Why don’t I own a pair? I simply can’t decide. I want them all!

The vintage styling on these shoes is just amazing. These are the kinds of shoes I would build an outfit around, instead of the reverse. For example, check out the Shanghai 1900:

I love the t-strap profile, of course, but then there’s this added element of fabulousness with the separate strips of leather around the toe woven together to create a checkerboard pattern in white leather and red suede (they also come in white and black). I can imagine the sections allow for additional movement, but there’s enough leather here that they can protect you like a closed toe shoe. Love all of this – so clever!

Here’s what Feliz Primavera is all about:

“Feliz Primavera is a Hong Kong based business set up by tango dancers for tango dancers. All our shoes are hand crafted in Argentina by experienced shoemakers who have been making tango shoes for salon dancers and professionals for over a decade. At Feliz Primavera, we believe that shoes should be custom made to fit your feet. Choose from a variety of styles, materials and colours, or even create your own design. We do, however, keep limited stock for those emergency moments.”

Emergency moments, indeed! I think we’ve all been there at some point. 😉 I’m going to stop gabbing so you can get to looking – my faves:

Some saucy red t-straps.
Pink and white with cut-outs, also comes in beige and black.

I love the linen and leather look of the "Sophie"

These are definitely reproduction because I bought a vintage pair just like them on eBay - much love!
Moss green with cut-outs.
Black leather and dusty blue suede
Mustard patent leather and beige leather

2 thoughts on “Feliz Primavera tango shoes

  1. These are lovely, LS. I love the subtle references to classic men’s shoes, like the 4th pair. They remind me of b/w cap-toe spectators.

    The second to last pair is also like a cap-toe spectator, but with some brogueing.

    The yellow and white pair and the last pair of shoes are like wingtip spectators.

    Nice finds.


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