Congratulations to Leluxe Clothing for a Great Showing at the Oscars!

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I’d like to extend my congratulations to Leluxe Clothing, an official supporter of Lindy Shopper, whose gorgeous reproduction 1920’s dresses were featured in The Artist, which brought home not only the Academy Award for Best Picture, but also the award for Best Costume Design. Mark Bridges, costumer for the film and the recipient of the Best Costume Design Oscar, used several of Leluxe’s dresses when costuming the cast for the film. Here’s a great article on Leluxe’s “Rags to Riches” story and its involvement with the film. Bravo!

Actress Berenice Bejo wears Leluxe's Tango dress in the film The Artist

Dance Shoes for Wide or Narrow Feet

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

My most recent article for Yehoodi:

If there’s one thing we need to wear as dancers, it’s appropriate and comfortable footwear. Shoes that fit you well can make a positive difference in your dancing; conversely, shoes that are ill-fitting can negatively impact your dancing and potentially cause health problems. So what do you do when you can’t find a pair of shoes that fits because of the width or shape of your foot?

I’ve had a couple of requests about dance shoes for irregular feet widths, specifically dance Keds and Balboa shoes. While I wear a regular width shoe, I just barely missed the genetic gift of narrow feet from my father and paternal grandmother, who both have very narrow feet (Granny wears a AAAA). Finding narrow shoes in retail stores seems to be an extinct possibility for them, so both of them have had to order shoes from catalogs that offer narrow and wide width shoes. This can get pretty expensive, considering my dad had to wear a suit and dress shoes every day to work and my grandmother loves to dress up.

However, these shoes do exist! I’ll start with the Keds, because that is easy – Keds makes narrow and wide widths of their Champion Oxford, the quintessential Lindy Hop shoe of the past few years. Keds makes them in AAAA (super narrow), AA (narrow), B (medium), D (wide), and EE (extra wide) widths. You are a bit limited in the colors available, but the classic white and black are there, as well as navy, blue, red and tan.

The process to get them to dance shoes is the same – buy Keds and either glue the suede/leather sole them yourself or take them to a cobbler to be sueded/leathered.

You can buy the different widths from the Keds website, but I found that finding the different widths was easier and they were cheaper on the Maryland Square website (which is the catalog my Granny uses). Also, the EE width did not appear to be available on either website, but was available in the paper catalog, so if you are looking for this width you will probably need to place a phone order with Maryland Square.

Men, you can have these in two-tone or one color, with 13 different colors to choose from.

My suggestion for different widths of Balboa shoes and for men looking for an oxford for dancing is to buy a custom pair of tango shoes. Tango shoe makers tend to offer vintage-inspired styles of shoes and will create a custom pair for your feet using actual measurements of your feet. The cost is more than a pair of Aris Allens, but generally less than a pair of Re-Mix Vintage Shoes. I ordered a custom pair from Mr. Tango Shoes a few years ago and had a very positive experience. The fit of my custom shoes was unparalleled. On top of the width/shape, you can also customize the colors in both two-tone and mono-tone, the heel height and width/shape, the type of sole, the arch support, cushioning at the ball of the foot, and whether or not you want a platform. Another friend has had a good experience ordering custom shoes from Guaranteed Fit Tango Shoes.

Kind of digging this pair from Mr. Tango Shoes, maybe with a silver metallic and a wider, shorter heel

If you have narrow feet, the vintage shoe world is your oyster. I would encourage you to look for vintage shoes on eBay and in vintage stores. Always ask whoever is working in the vintage store if they have narrow shoes because they don’t always put them out, and ask your local vintage store to be on the lookout for your size – often, stores will turn down shoes that are narrow because they don’t believe they will sell. Let them know you are the person who will buy these shoes!

Also, if you have wide or narrow feet and have found something that works for you, please feel free to share your experience or source here – I know there are others who would like to have this information. 🙂

Feliz Primavera tango shoes

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

All Balboa Weekend is just around the corner, so I’ve got heels on the brain. I already own enough dance heels, but I find myself always coming back to this website, Feliz Primavera, to drool over the delicious tango shoes. Why don’t I own a pair? I simply can’t decide. I want them all!

The vintage styling on these shoes is just amazing. These are the kinds of shoes I would build an outfit around, instead of the reverse. For example, check out the Shanghai 1900:

I love the t-strap profile, of course, but then there’s this added element of fabulousness with the separate strips of leather around the toe woven together to create a checkerboard pattern in white leather and red suede (they also come in white and black). I can imagine the sections allow for additional movement, but there’s enough leather here that they can protect you like a closed toe shoe. Love all of this – so clever!

Here’s what Feliz Primavera is all about:

“Feliz Primavera is a Hong Kong based business set up by tango dancers for tango dancers. All our shoes are hand crafted in Argentina by experienced shoemakers who have been making tango shoes for salon dancers and professionals for over a decade. At Feliz Primavera, we believe that shoes should be custom made to fit your feet. Choose from a variety of styles, materials and colours, or even create your own design. We do, however, keep limited stock for those emergency moments.”

Emergency moments, indeed! I think we’ve all been there at some point. 😉 I’m going to stop gabbing so you can get to looking – my faves:

Some saucy red t-straps.
Pink and white with cut-outs, also comes in beige and black.

I love the linen and leather look of the "Sophie"

These are definitely reproduction because I bought a vintage pair just like them on eBay - much love!
Moss green with cut-outs.
Black leather and dusty blue suede
Mustard patent leather and beige leather