Forever 21 – free shipping on orders over $40, Memorial Day only

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Lindy Dandy always does a great job posting sales on this blog, so I thought I’d pass a sale along to you. I always find good things at Forever 21, no matter what day I check in. I can recall a time in my life when I was checking their site daily and they actually do post new items daily during the work week. Here are some items to put in your shopping basket today:

Love chevrons!
Peach wrap dress with flutter sleeves - wrap dresses are so helpful with leg movement and weight fluctations!
Forever 21 even styled this as a flapper dress, adding the quintessential long strand of beads.
This dress looks like it would be really comfy for dancing - comes in four colors.
Classic shirtdress in lightweight denim with shiny button detail.
Silk tie front top in green and purple - only $12.00!
This is cute, but I'd add a belt to give the bottom a peplum effect.
Heart petals hair clips
Feather headband - just the right amount of feathers.

2 thoughts on “Forever 21 – free shipping on orders over $40, Memorial Day only

  1. I have almost bought those heart-flower hair clips many times now! Don’t actually have them yet, but they are on my wishlist, at least 🙂

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