Strange Vintage Pairing: Two “Suits”

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

Believe it or not there are some dance events where you’ll be able to wear these finds.

First, a bathing suit.  I’m probably just strange, but I’ve always been fascinated by men’s vintage bathing suits.  Manufacturers didn’t have access to the man-made fabrics we have today, so they had to make their suits out of natural fibers that could survive sea water.  Many were made out of wool, a material we usually associate with suits and sweaters.  Hmm, this one is actually in my size.

Vintage 20s Bathing Suit, made of wool. I wonder if it's itchy.

There are several exchanges with dances at the beach:

Second, tails.  It’s too often that you can wear clothing this formal to a dance event (or any event for that matter), but I would get tails if only for the New Year’s Eve party at Lindy Focus. Check out the details on the lapels and buttons.

Can you imagine swinging out in tails? I could.

2 thoughts on “Strange Vintage Pairing: Two “Suits”

  1. I’ve danced with Drew Nugent when he was in tails and a top hat. The follower visual on tails must be like the leader visual when a follow wears a twirly skirt – there’s a flair and a slight lag of the fabric.

  2. That’s brilliant, LS. I didn’t even think about it as the male equivalent (visually) of a skirt.

    Hmm, I love dancing with girls with twirly skirts. I usually throw in extra spins if she’s extra twirly.

    I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to dance in a kilt, though.

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