Lindy looks from Forever 21

Forever 21 has some of the best bargains I’ve found for clothes, but I usually shy away from their retail stores because of the sheer volume of chaos involved in going to the store. The Forever 21 website is a streamlined way to get through all those racks of clothes in a more organized and stress-free fashion.

Here are some dresses from Forever 21’s website that are sort of a nod to things swing:

Meridian Silk Dress

Picnic Party Dress

Whispy flower silk dress

Whispy feather knit dress

2 thoughts on “Lindy looks from Forever 21

  1. I may have to actually start venturing in there! I usually avoid it since I’m not a teenager. I have seen some great vintage inspired dresses at H&M too – including a fringy flapper dress in two colors!

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