Green gingham dress!

When the perfect article of clothing for me comes along I get this feeling in my gut and I know it’s right and I should own this piece of clothing – I got that feeling when I looked at this green gingham dress this morning from the Raleigh Vintage Etsy store. I’m trying to contain myself in describing how perfectly cute it is and how awesome I think it would look on me…if only it were in my size. 😦 😦 😦

Someone please buy this dress so I can enjoy it on someone I know or may encounter at a dance event – you would have my infinite admiration and adoration!

3 responses to “Green gingham dress!

  1. A stupid question…

    Can dress not be altered in some fashion to fit?

  2. Probably not. Letting garments out is tricky…you can’t create fabric where there is none.

  3. This is definitely a LW look; too bad about the sizing. Really love the fabric and details.

    You could buy it and have it made into a super cute apron…

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