Linen vests

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for vests lately, but vests are hard to come by in the men’s stores I’ve been to with my dad and in vintage stores, or at least the ones I am frequenting. EBay has a few right now, so here are some vests in linen, an ideal summer weight fabric:

Tan linen vest I can’t seem to get the photo for…

Plaid linen vest in large and x-large.

Brown linen vest with what looks like some nice weaving or texture.

2 thoughts on “Linen vests

  1. The real thing about getting “the look” with vests is to find ones that have the same fabric on the front as on the back instead of the much more regularly seen shiny/satiny material on the back.

  2. Disagree.

    The different material on the back is there for a reason. It’s thinner to avoid vest-lines on jackets, it’s light-weight, and usually breathable. It allows for easy cinching in the back as well. It’s so standard, that it becomes part of “the look” and can be readily seen as such just by watching Turner Classic Movies. For the most part only cheaper lower-quality vests are made from the same material on both sides – and they look as such, or possibly like a wal-mart uniform vest, but if that’s the look you’re going for Riz…

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