Tranky Shoes

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


So I basically can’t keep up with all the swing dancer-focused shoe companies popping up right now – the latest company to grab my attention is Tranky Shoes, which Jessica Bullock mentioned in response to a shoe question Gaby Cook posted on Facebook.  Their Facbook page is in Italian, Google translate has failed miserably to translate the text, and Facebook translate fared only slightly better, so I’m interested in hearing more about this shoe company.  Here’s what I can surmise from their Facebook page:

  • Based in Italy
  • There are green double strap Mary Janes that need to come home with me (sans the velvet bootie – can that happen?)
  • They are being sold at a bunch of European events
  • Handmade, leather upper, leather soles
  • For more information email

Tell me more, peeps!  Have you tried these shoes?  I want to hear all about them. 🙂

An array of styles and colors.
Some Tranky Shoes men’s footwear designs.


WWII Italian Army officer dinner jacket

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Why should we look like we are in a war? We should look FABULOUS in our army green!

There’s something about the way the Italians make things that is always in keeping with good aesthetics (for those who know me, a certain green scooter exemplifies this aesthetic), so it stands to reason that the Italian Army during World War II would be outfitted superbly. In my eBay searches I ran across this dinner/smoking jacket belonging to an officer in the Italian Army – note the juxtaposition between the cut of the jacket and the shawl collar, which exemplify the elegance of a fine dinner jacket, with the army green so prevalent in military uniforms.

Someone in charge of uniforms must have thought about this question: “What does an Italian Army officer need?”

Gas mask? Check.

Durable pants? Check.

Dinner jacket? Double check.

I am amused. Things like this make me love Italy even more.

It looks like the jacket may be a size 40, based on the measurements given. I think the great thing about this jacket, aside from juxtapositions, is that it comes in a wearable size and could be paired with something casual or dressy. I’d love for someone to pick up this jacket and then see what they pair the jacket with to go out dancing. 🙂