Green 1930’s Vest

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I am intrigued by this vest. Most of the vintage menswear I find is in shades of gray and brown, so when something green (my favorite color) popped up, it got my attention. EBay seller johnsartifactorium is offering this rare dark green 1930’s vest with the original store tags still attached! It looks black in the photo, but the seller states that the photos are dark and the vest is a lovely hunter green. The seller has the vest listed as small, and the tags say 37, so I’d ask the seller for more specific measurements if you are interested in this item.

Incidentally, the seller is also listing a dress from the 1860’s…talk about rare!

Remix Balboa

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

A pair of my favorite shoes, green two tone Remix Balboa shoes, have made an appearance on eBay in a size 6, new without box. With a $19.99 starting price, this could be a steal!

If you are on the fence about the color, I’ll add that I hesitated for a long time to get these shoes, even though green is my favorite color, because I wasn’t certain they would go with anything in my closet; however, once I finally stopped admiring them from afar and got them near my closet, I discovered that they go with a surprising number of garments in various shades and amounts of green. The low heel and flexible sole on these shoes are Balboa and Lindy friendly.

1930’s/40’s Green Velvet Party Dress

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

It is so hard for me to resist vintage velvet – nothing is softer, silkier, or more delectable. It drapes like charmeuse and feels like a kitten. The season for wearing velvet seems so small in comparison to the amount of time I would like to be wearing velvet.

Perhaps you are contemplating your New Year’s Eve outfit for Lindy Focus or a special holiday dance? I would recommend this lovely dress (and if I’m posting this kind of love, you know it’s not in my size), a 1930’s/40’s green velvet party dress from eBay seller love_kats. The draping, the sleeves, the rhinestones on the bodice…and the twirl potential on this skirt looks really promising! There are a few noted minor flaws and some mending, but I can tell you from several vintage velvet purchases that these kinds of repairs and conditions have been universal for my purchases and have not detracted from the garment, nor been difficult to repair. Love. This. Dress.

WWII Italian Army officer dinner jacket

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Why should we look like we are in a war? We should look FABULOUS in our army green!

There’s something about the way the Italians make things that is always in keeping with good aesthetics (for those who know me, a certain green scooter exemplifies this aesthetic), so it stands to reason that the Italian Army during World War II would be outfitted superbly. In my eBay searches I ran across this dinner/smoking jacket belonging to an officer in the Italian Army – note the juxtaposition between the cut of the jacket and the shawl collar, which exemplify the elegance of a fine dinner jacket, with the army green so prevalent in military uniforms.

Someone in charge of uniforms must have thought about this question: “What does an Italian Army officer need?”

Gas mask? Check.

Durable pants? Check.

Dinner jacket? Double check.

I am amused. Things like this make me love Italy even more.

It looks like the jacket may be a size 40, based on the measurements given. I think the great thing about this jacket, aside from juxtapositions, is that it comes in a wearable size and could be paired with something casual or dressy. I’d love for someone to pick up this jacket and then see what they pair the jacket with to go out dancing. 🙂


Green flapper dress

This dress is bright green. BRIGHT GREEN. I think it’s awesome, but then I love anything green. 🙂 I love the bead work that goes into these dresses, and that the detail on the under-slip is so complimentary to the dress (and meant to be seen, but not seen). Perhaps you are looking for a dress to wear to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island or a dress to wear on New Year’s Eve at Lindy Focus? The bidding is only at $36 right now, but if you get this dress for under $100 it will be a steal!

Green gingham dress!

When the perfect article of clothing for me comes along I get this feeling in my gut and I know it’s right and I should own this piece of clothing – I got that feeling when I looked at this green gingham dress this morning from the Raleigh Vintage Etsy store. I’m trying to contain myself in describing how perfectly cute it is and how awesome I think it would look on me…if only it were in my size. 😦 😦 😦

Someone please buy this dress so I can enjoy it on someone I know or may encounter at a dance event – you would have my infinite admiration and adoration!