Lawn Party-Inspired

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I am still mourning the fact that my schedule will not allow me to attend either Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island this summer. In honor of the June JALP this past weekend, here is a selection of 1920’s items inspired by the event on eBay:

A light, breezy dress for a hot summer day
Yellow floral 1920’s dress with a touch of blue
Black satin Mary Janes with cutouts on the straps
Sheer and floral is always a winner!
Abel & Son Inc. straw boater hat
Freakin’ awesome cloche
Navy and white straw cloche
Blue and pink cloche
I wouldn’t mind having a pair of these adorable t-straps!
To be one of the bathing beauties you’ll need something in wool…
Deadstock white linen knickers? Yespls!

Anna Chocola – Summer Cloches

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

In my quest for 1920’s cloches on eBay, I stumbled upon a cloche that looked like it could have been vintage from the thumbnail, but up close it was clearly new, but…it had that thing about it that made it a really good hat on its own. I find a lot of straw cloches for summer (Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, etc.), but rarely, if ever, do I see a modern cloche made of fabric that doesn’t look like…a turban, or something odd.

Anna Chocola‘s cloches look comfortable and cheerful, with a great shapes and lots of wonderful details – this is what led me to believe, at a distance, that a particular cloche of her design was vintage. The model for the shape of her hats is her great-grandmother’s cloche.

I am also thinking that a cotton cloche may be more versatile and danceable than a straw one – you’d have the advantage of keeping a vintage look, with the functionality of a cotton hat. I’m thinking, in particular, of one gent I know who has a supply of cotton newsboy caps that he brings and trades out at exchanges after they get too sweaty, then throws them in the wash when he gets home. I suppose we’d have to check with Ms. Chocola about how the hats would fare being washed, but I do like thinking that there is that possibility…

Here’s what I’m loving from her eBay store:

Choche with blue and white polka dots
A wonderful rose print cloche
Floral cloche
I would wear this one with a Hello Kitty pin or brooch on the side 😉

Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

1930's perforated peep-toe oxfords - only $58!

There are vintage stores that seem like they have everything but the kitchen sink; then, there are vintage stores that are “curated,” full of carefully selected items that may evoke an era or perhaps only carry the choicest items. I could tell that Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy was one of these stores, even before I read the store description – the collection of items in this Etsy store is truly choice, and selection of things more lovely than the last.

Dear Golden Vintage sets a beautiful scene with clothing and accessories and you should definitely peruse all the online offerings, but here are my favorites:

Blue 1920's cloche
1920's silk chemise
1940's chocolate curl heels - WANT
Blue suede and brown leather two-tone shoes
Cotton eyelet 1930's dress
I'm a sucker for a chevron dress
Adorable plaid 1940's dress
Blue peplum dress with cutouts - HOTTTTT
1950's party dress with giant pockets

Hey Sailor! on Etsy

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Burgundy cloche

There’s something about 1920’s cloches that is simply not replicated when you pick up a cloche at Urban Outfitters, or even Anthropologie. The level of detail is missing, the clever layering, buttons, ribbon, and trim; what you are left with is a basic hat. Sometimes I want more than just a basic hat. I want something that makes a statement without being overt or tacky.

I’ve been pining over Etsy seller Hey Sailor!‘s cloches for a few months, unable to decide which one I really want because they are a bit pricey and I could probably only afford one…but man, are they gorgeous! It’s like that pair of shoes you had to have, but have nothing to wear with them, so you build an outfit around them.

Hey Sailor! also has some interesting and amazing hats that may work well for your Halloween costume or even inspire your costume. This is the only place I know of that you can get a tricorn with a schooner on it for your Marie Antoinette costume.

You are also in luck because the store is running a sale through October 4, with everything 30% off!

Here are my favorites:

Navy cloche with brown felt feather
Cream and coral cloche
Tilt topper hat
Sequin mouseketeer? YES!

Lucky Vintage on eBay

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I happened upon eBay seller luckyvintage in a fit of 1920’s shopping, inspired by my weekend at the Jazz Age Lawn Party. This Seattle-based seller has a small, but carefully selected, collection of clothing and accessories from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The starting prices for these items are very reasonable, considering their age and the detail of the garments. Have a look!

Beaded flapper dress with cape
Rust chiffon beaded 1920's dress
Gold lame and salmon 1920's dress
Black beaded 1920's dress
Purple 1920's cloche

1920’s Black Cloche

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

This 1920’s cloche is remarkable in many ways. The hat is unworn and it is truly rare to find 1920’s deadstock items. But even greater is the styling on this hat – it not only has that wonderful cloche shape, but the details on this hat, like the seaming that is a nod to Art Deco, the baubles on the side, and the mix of materials and textures make this more than just a hat, but also a subtly elegant and eclectic fashion statement.