Your Vintage Style Leather Shoes

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

The She Goes

The latest contender for a slice of the ladies swing dance shoe market is Your Vintage Style Leather Shoes, which I learned about via a Facebook photo featuring Texas dancers Kelli Hawthorne, Jennifer Reed, Joanna Lucero, Ginny Min, and Kate Menz wearing the company’s first style, a t-strap called the She Goes, in an array of candy colors.  This still looks like a fledgling operation, but we all have to get started somewhere – I ordered my first trumpet skirts from Chloe Hong via Facebook and it looks like a similar process applies here:

1. Select Style, Size, Color and Height of Heel (4cm/ 5cm/ 7cm)
2. Private Message in Facebook or Email to with personal info (Full Name, Shipping Address, Zip Code, Mobile Phone No.)
3. Paypal to my shoe tailor

To get a more complete idea of the offerings and custom colors offered, sizes, and pricing, visit their Facebook page’s photo album, there’s information there on what is offered and the information on ordering is under the “About” tab.  The prices are VERY reasonable, between $75 and $85!  If anyone has a review they’d like to share, feel free to post in the comments!

She Turns is very similar to Remix’s Balboa shoe, only it appears that you can customize the colors and the heel height.

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