Hot Topic Presents Vintage-Inspired Marvel Collection

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Streamlined, vintage design, from Stark Industries.
Streamlined vintage design from Stark Industries.

Hot Topic is taking pre-orders now for a Marvel By Her Universe collection of vintage-inspired dresses inspired by some of your favorite Marvel characters. Some of the garments are more literal, like Black Widow’s belted jacket (pair with pencil skirt, anyone?) and others are more inspired by 1940’s-1960’s design and the characters, like the 1940’s-inspired Stark Industries bomber jacket (for all you Rosies out there) and the 1950’s-inspired halter dresses for Loki and Captain America. I would love to see some of these at dances or performances because

– Dancers already have super powers – muggles agree that people who dance are magical creatures.

– Team performance, either chorus girl or co-ed, with any of these, would get extra points for presentation and the cost of these garments is not so prohibitive.

– Solving the question of what to wear to a Halloween dance that would be fun without having to don a wig or appendages.

I could do without the wimpy tulle “crinolines” poking out from the skirts of the halter dresses, but I think these garments are a good jumping off point for some custom modifications. The Loki dress COULD be MORE Loki with some embellishments and I’m definitely going to replace “Tony” with my name on the bomber jacket. Lindy Shopper can have her own narrative. šŸ˜‰

Enjoy and keep saving the world through Lindy Hop!

I was always a sucker for a sailor dress - rock the hammer.
I was always a sucker for a sailor dress – rock the hammer applique.

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