Behind the Beat – Lindy Hop Tees, Tanks, and Hoodies

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


At ILHC 2014 I reported of a mysterious banner for Behind the Beat – Clothes that Match Your Rhythm, with a website coming soon. That day soon has come, and Behind the Beat is a fully operational website, with swing dance themed tees, hoodies, and tanks for purchase. The graphic designs play with phrases and images that are familiar to swing dancers – a stylized Ellington in a top hat, “The Rhythm is Jumpin’” (you finish the phrase), a nice visual on A Train, and more. Perhaps the most useful tee for the month of May would be their I *heart* Frankie tee shirt, featuring a classic Frankie aerial silhouette in the heart – I’d say this tee is definitely a conversation-starter, for sharing the love of Lindy Hop. Check out the rest of the collection at the Behind the Beat website!

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