Men’s Wingtip Tennis Shoes at Aldo

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

On those rare occasions that I set foot in our local mall, I sometimes see things that catch my eye, like these wingtip and tweed tennis shoes in the Aldo window display. For those who may be hesitant to give up their sueded sneaks for a pair of hard soled shoes, perhaps these could be a dressier alternative? $70.00, available in black and brown.

2 thoughts on “Men’s Wingtip Tennis Shoes at Aldo

  1. I’ve bought several pairs of aldo cap toe shoes (not wingtip, but similar construction). I like the way they look and they feel great, even on a less than slick dance floor. However, if you lindy hop in them they will fall apart very quickly. I wore through the pairs I bought in a hurry. For $70 I’d say no, but these styles invariably go on sale within a month of them hitting the shelves.

    Bottom line: Wear hard soled shoes.

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