Rocket Originals

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

In my search for a new pair of 1940’s wedges I came across Rocket Originals, a UK-based company specializing in 1940’s and 50’s clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women. While the gorgeous wedges they offer didn’t work out (rubber soles!?), there are a bunch of other really great items on the website, namely those wonderful short sleeved ski bunny sweaters, men’s two tone cap toes, wingtips, and loafers, blue suede oxfords, diamond and argyle socks, argyle belts, and repro men’s dress shirts with short and long sleeves,

I do admire the efforts Rocket Originals has taken to supporting local manufacturers in the UK. From their website:

“The men’s shoes are all made here in England, as are our men’s socks. We’re proud to be doing our bit in helping keep our British industries alive and try, whenever possible, to have our stock manufactured in good old blightly.

Our ladies sweaters are also manufactured in England. All the designs are taken from vintage knitting patterns, and one of the companies we use still has a vintage mechanical knitting machine, so we have some of ours knitted on that (very authentic!) We get asked “don’t you knit them yourselves” – well, no we don’t (we can’t knit that well, it would take forever and wouldn’t look nearly as neat!)”

Keep those sweaters coming! Here’s what I’m loving from Rocket Originals:

Fairisle sweater in green, also available in blue and grey
Diamond jacquard sweater in red, also available in black
Something about these blue suede oxfords is reading awesome to me…
I do love a brown and cream cap toe
Diamond pattern socks
Argyle sock 4-pack
White diamond belt to go with your white cap toes
Cream short sleeve dress shirt with a sort of cross hatch and fleck

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