Three Piece Suit at Men’s Wearhouse

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

The Men's Wearhouse three piece suit in brown pinstripe

It is not often that my husband contributes ideas to this blog, but I must give him credit for this find. We’ve been looking for a vintage or new three piece suit for him for a while now and, with his birthday coming up, I guess he kicked his part of the search in gear and found this three piece suit at Men’s Wearhouse to add to his wishlist. It looks pretty nondescript in terms of era, but could easily be enhanced with details, like a vintage tie, pocket square, or tie clip, to give it that swing era feel. It could also double as just a regular suit by removing the vest and adding modern accessories for work, job interviews, or whatever else you may need a suit for. At $199.00, the price is right for this versatile three piece suit, which comes in black, a fine black/white pattern, brown pinstripes, a fine brown pattern, and charcoal gray.

8 thoughts on “Three Piece Suit at Men’s Wearhouse

  1. Nice! The bare bones of that suit reads 60’s to me (silhouette, fabric, skinny lapel), but it’ll look nice with all the accessories. Plus then it can do double duty for a Mad Men party! Or with that high front drop, it could also work for a teens suit…time for a Downton Abbey party? πŸ˜‰ Sometimes I get jealous how little men’s clothing changed over time!

    My only reservation about Men’s Warehouse suits is that the armholes are usually cut EXTREMELY low, so it limits movement. Just something to consider for dancing!

      1. Nope, it’s neither. It’s really just an American misconception that low armholes are more comfortable. Modern European-made suits (esp. Italian) are usually better, but vintage suits have even higher armholes.

      2. Gah! Well, it definitely stinks, for women’s suiting, too. After wearing my one vintage suit to work, I feel like I’m in a straight jacket when I wear my other suits. I’ve been on the hunt for courtroom-friendly vintage suits because I’m fed up with how everything fits.

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