Miss L Fire Fall 2011 Collection

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

OH. MY. HAWT. It’s been a long time since I came across a shoe that I couldn’t get out of my head, that I was so distracted about that I couldn’t focus on anything else until I figured out how to make it mine. Miss L Fire‘s fall 2011 collection has this shoe, and several other shoes with a distinctly jazz age styling that are simply amazing. Miss L Fire always has some really quirky and amazing shoes, and this goes for the fall collection as well, but there are a few pairs that just defy awesome and somehow become…art. And do you see all these mid-height heels?! OK, I’ve talked this up enough, check out the shoes!

Goddess shoe - I don't usually post what I plan to hoard for myself, but these were just too good not to share. IWILLOWNTHESE

Clara shoe - a wonderfully detailed t-strap with a wide, low heel - also in green, red and black, and brown

Edith shoe - an adorable oxford heel with a wonderful perforated design in the leather - also available in brown and royal blue

Gabrielle shoe, studded with Swarovski crystals - perfect for your holiday outings and dances - also available in red, blue, and brown

Mamie shoe - so cute! Also available in brown, black, and blue and tan combo

Mabel (she's the bomb?) shoe - a great option for a stylish flat shoe - also available in black and white combo and brown and white combo

2 responses to “Miss L Fire Fall 2011 Collection

  1. Love the Goldfinger reference! I almost gagged when I saw the Goddess shoe, I wanted it so much. Not sure why desire would make me gag, but that’s what happened. They are simply gorgeous!

    • In my experience, the gag reaction is your gut telling you that these are some of the most amazing shoes you have ever seen. I had the same reaction to these shoes, which meant that I must do anything within my power to make them mine. Fortunately, I have a birthday coming up and a mother who loves shoes, so we made this happen. 😀

      I was wondering if anyone would catching the Goldfinger reference – I can’t help but think of that song when I hear the name…how many times do you come across anyone or anything named Mabel? 🙂

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