Kodak Brownie

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

There have been a lot of great photos coming out of DCLX and, in general, the swing dance community is blessed with excellent amateur and professional photographers alike. I overhear technical jargon about the cameras, the lighting, the accessories, but how many of you would put all that down and attempt to use something like…a Kodak Brownie? I know it would be a lot of effort and the conditions less than ideal, but I think it would be cool experiment.

If you like this idea, but would like more information, there is a website devoted to all things Brownie called The Brownie Camera Page. The site features lists and descriptions of models, technical information, where to get film and parts, a gallery, and even tutorials on how to upgrade your Brownie.

Here are some inexpensive Brownies on eBay:

Brownie 2A, made from 1907-1936
Brownie Junior 620, made from 1933 to 1936
Brownie 620, made from 1933-1936
Brownie Target Six-16, made from 1946 to 1951
Another 620 with a sweet Art Deco cover

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