Miss L Fire

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

“The shoe with the beautiful fit,” touts this UK based shoe and handbag confectionery, which has some of the most delicious shoes I’ve seen in some time. Featured in Anthropologie and other boutique retailers, Miss L Fire’s vintage-inspired shoes can now be ordered directly from the source. The online collection is not priced on the website, but an email inquiry should take care of any information-seeking and orders you may wish to place. Sometimes we have to be proactive to get fabulous things.

The web site was highly uncooperative, so I only have one photo – you’ll have to go see the website for yourselves!

One thought on “Miss L Fire

  1. Hi Lindy!
    I own a life sized dollhouse boutique in South Miami, Florida called Veronica’s Dollhouse. We carry Miss L Fire shoes, and absolutely LOVE them. They are so cute and so comfortable! 2011 Spring styles available on our website….www.VeronicasDollhouseBoutique.com

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