Dapper Man – The Gentleman’s Pomade

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Dapper Man hair pomade is made the way pomade used to be made, from a 1930’s formula of natural waxes and oils, and is free of petroleum products. I don’t know how many of you have experimented with pomades, but if you are like me, the thought of selecting a hair product, much less one that would achieve the desired effect, is a daunting task. Perhaps your barber has set you straight on a suitable pomade, but for those men embarking on a quest for vintage hair, perhaps this would be a good place to start.

“The Gentleman’s Pomade” was conceived and created by one of our own, Steve Cochrum – a California swing dancer and vintage clothing enthusiast, who was dissatisfied with the petroleum-based products available on the market and began experimenting with a formula from his father’s 1930’s book about how to “be a fit man and how to keep yourself looking your best.” From there, he made samples, distributed them at dances and vintage venues, and a brand was born.

So why is the old pomade superior to new pomade? Some older products – I’m thinking ladies make-up made with what we now consider toxic ingredients – are not necessarily better for us and the same desired vintage effect can be achieved with modern products. However, Dapper Man makes some very compelling arguments as to why going to the source product is better:

“The more I respected this hobby I realized that something was missing with the way society dresses today, not to mention the loss of interest in men’s grooming, so I set quest for a men’s hair pomade that could give the look of the 1930’s style. As we would make our rounds to many events, I began to ask the young men that liked wearing their hair in that fashion, what they were using and if they were happy with it. The comments I got were mostly negative, that it was difficult to find a product with the right consistency they needed, without being too sticky, for the right hairstyle and “not to greasy” something easy to wash out of hair and off of hands. Also men complained of their hair goo getting left behind on what ever lovely ladies pillow they had “visited” with the night before! The problem that I found with all the other products on the market was that the ingredients used, usually had a petroleum base, which can be dangerous and may cause hair loss-wow! I knew there had to be something better, more consistent and much more natural.”

Ultimately, the benefits of Dapper Man pomade are simple: “You will love the way your hair behaves – great hold and restyle as you desire. It should not stain your clothes, furniture, your sheets and pillows, etc. It even helps to soften your hat band in vintage hats and helps prevent ‘hat hair.'”

If any of you gents have experience with this product, feel free to chime in with a comment.


3 thoughts on “Dapper Man – The Gentleman’s Pomade

  1. I love Dapper Man pomade. I used to use the stuff that made your hair smell like vanilla and it would gum up my pillow and my favorite hats. Dapper Man gives me that perfect vintage look without being too heavy. And it’s all natural and doesn’t ruin my vintage lids. I get as many coments about my vintage style hair as I do my vintage clothes! Why spend $400.00 on a belted back suit and then step out with a goofy modern hair cut. Not me brother, that’s why I use Dapper Man, cause’ it’s what they used way back when.

  2. I perches end this product a few years back, and it’s ok. Just so people know, there are A LOT of water based pomaded out there! If you want a REALLY good water based pomade I’d go with lay-rite. Much better stuff for sure.

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