Cruisin Australia: 1940’s and 1950’s Reproduction Shoes for Men and Women

Veronica wedge - comes in 5 colors...drool...

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

While I was going through my inbox yesterday, deleting old emails, I came upon an email I sent to myself in April of 2005 titled “More wedges!” In the message was a link to Cruisin Australia, an online retailer of obvious origin who carries some really fantastic reproduction 1940’s and 1950’s shoes. I’m fairly determined to bring back the saddle shoe and this could be the supplier, with 3 different color schemes for men and 7 different color schemes for women. Cruisin Australia has a great selection of wedges and low heels for women, including a pair with leather perforations, which let those hot dancing feet breathe! The menswear line has a classic selection, including wingtips, captoes, suedes, and bucks.

Here are my favorites from the site:

Saddle shoes for men and women
Jayne wedge - available in 6 colors
Captoes - available in brown and white, black and white, and all black

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