RetroSpect’d Clothing: Reproduction 1940’s and 1950’s Clothing for Guys and Girls

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I first happened upon RetroSpect’d Clothing at All Balboa Weekend 2009, as it was one of the vendors setting up shop outside the ballroom. I heard that a contingency of Australian dancers had come with garments stuffed into each of their suitcases so that the company could sell clothing at ABW. As usual, I was waiting with anticipation as the garments were put onto the racks and quickly made my selections, then headed to the bathroom to try things on.

1943 Dress

I left the bathroom with one of the most universally flattering dresses I own – Retrospect’d’s 1943 dress in red crepe. Several other girls, of varying sizes and shapes also tried this dress on and it was simply the most flattering dress on everyone, giving the illusion of or accentuating a tiny waist. A flirty skirt, expert fit, cute tucks and gathers, a simplicity of form, crepe material, and sleeves make this dress easy to wear for a variety of occasions year-round.

Guys always seem to be looking for pants and Retrospect’d has two pairs of reproduction pants to choose from: the New Yorkers and the Californias. The New Yorkers feature (and pardon my lack of menswear knowledge, Lindy Dandy might correct me later ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) a tab front pant with pleats, cuffs, and buttons for suspenders and comes in 5 classic menswear fabrics. The Californias have a similar wide leg and cuffs, but accommodate a more relaxed, belted look.

There are lots of other fun things for sale, including vintage repro jeans, adorable 1940’s shorts, ladies’ pants, a bevy of colorful dresses, men’s shirts, full skirts, wrap tops, ladylike blouses, and the infamous ski bunny knit top.

The New Yorkers
Viva Dress
Wrap Top
Ski Bunny Knit Top
40's Shorts
High Waisted Jeans
40's Double Button Pants

4 thoughts on “RetroSpect’d Clothing: Reproduction 1940’s and 1950’s Clothing for Guys and Girls

  1. I have a BIG complaint with them-their smallest size is a 6, or 26″ waist, which is 2″ bigger than mine. At least.

  2. cant find anything on their site, its been upgrading for ages…wanna buy buy buy!!!!!!!! (I’m from WA)

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