My Sunglasses of Choice: Aviators

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

You shouldn’t wear these at a dance (unless you’re dancing at the beach), but every man needs at least one good pair of sunglasses.

If I were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one choice of shades, I would bring avaitors.  They’re classic, American, and another great style icon from the military (like chinos).  Ray-Ban makes the most recognized models, but there are other options out there.

For my money, the best choice is American Optical.  This is the same brand issued by the U.S. Navy to flight students and are sold at military exchanges.  I “discovered” these during my first Navy ROTC midshipman “cruise,” when I stumbled upon them at the Navy Exchange in San Diego.  Fortunately, they also have an online store. I also found decent prices on Amazon.  Don’t forget about Army/Navy surplus stores too.

I prefer these slightly square frame aviators, the Original Pilot. Notice the bayonet temples.
The classic teardrop frame. AO Eyeware General. (with wire spatula temples)

You can choose different temples (bayonet, wire spatula, cable), frame color (gold, silver, black, matte chrome), and lenses (polarized and non-polarized).  I wear 52mm gold Original Pilot’s with bayonet temples. (pictured above)

Thanks to Sart Inc for reminding me of this great brand.  Check out his blog; he’s got great (Trad, preppy, classic American) style.

On a slightly related note: I think girls in avaitors are hot (but I like your cute sunglasses too).

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