More lovely dresses from eBay

They just keeping coming and I feel compelled to post them:

This sheer black 30’s/40’s dress has some lovely detailing on it. Sheer dresses can be tricky, though, because then you have to find a full slip to go underneath it. I’m a big fan of this slip from J.C. Penney because you can simply cut the slip at the different lace points to alter the length of the slip (no hemming!) and the straps are adjustable.

This dead stock 1940’s flowered day dress is new, with tags on! When I find these dead stock dresses it just seems wild – there must be an interesting story on where the garment came from and why it was never worn.

This black 30’s/40’s dress with scalloped sweetheart neckline is adorable, with asymmetrical buttons going up the front (very similar to the white dress from Putting on the Ritz in this post).

Delicious green satin dress (40’s/50’s?) – check out the embroidery! This would be wonderful at Christmas…

Purple striped cotton dress – I’m loving the collar, the sweetheart neckline, and those GIANT pockets!

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