SwingGene’s Folding Hand Fans

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Novel use of duck tape - also available in fabric options
Novel use of duck tape – also available in fabric options

“Keeping cool even when your swingouts are on fire” is the motto of SwingGene’s Folding Hand Fans, the brainchild of Albuquerque dancer Amber Templeton, who came up with her own fan design after watching the slow demise of a hinged fan over the course of three larger swing dance events. Your average fan was not made to withstand being thrown into a dance bag, possibly kicked/shuffled/stepped on at a dance, shaken vigorously and then perhaps tossed hastily aside as someone asks you to dance, then maybe living in your dance bag, which may then live in your hot car with your stinky dance shoes…you get the idea. Really beautiful fans tend to be fragile and the robust lifestyle of a Lindy Hopper calls for something more.

Amber uses fabric or duck tape as the main material for the fan, with a more traditional wooden structure to make it collapsible. This is a pretty novel use of duck tape, in my opinion, and I’ve seen some pretty sweet colors and pattern available for options. Fabric offers nearly endless options – from the Etsy site: “I have some ambitious goals for the future on how to really customize, embellish, and trick out the fans. For now though I just really want to make each customer the perfect custom fan. There are so many cool designs and patterns I feel like everyone should have the fan that they dream about.”

So what you see is just a sample – feel free to contact Amber for your custom, durable swing dance fan!

It's like she understands us...
It’s like she understands us…

Use the Floor Luke

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


If the source of our power as Lindy Hoppers is how we use the floor, then this sage advice bears repeating – nay, it deserves to be memorialized in a tee shirt. Parody. Star Wars. Nerds. Dig?

Greenville, South Carolina dancer and artist Jackie Palmieri has a history of creating fiercely awesome graphic designs (have you seen the EBC ninjas?) and her latest creation is this tee shirt design, which she will be printing for the Greenville Lindy Exchange, but also taking orders.

If you are interested in owning one of these tees you can either find Jackie Palmieri on Facebook or email her at jackiecricket@gmail.com with the subject line “Use the floor” – send your size, contact info, how best to receive payment, and how best to get the shirt to you. The tees are $15.00 and, if you aren’t attending GVLX, shipping costs.

Dig. May the floor be with you.