Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

1930's perforated peep-toe oxfords - only $58!

There are vintage stores that seem like they have everything but the kitchen sink; then, there are vintage stores that are “curated,” full of carefully selected items that may evoke an era or perhaps only carry the choicest items. I could tell that Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy was one of these stores, even before I read the store description – the collection of items in this Etsy store is truly choice, and selection of things more lovely than the last.

Dear Golden Vintage sets a beautiful scene with clothing and accessories and you should definitely peruse all the online offerings, but here are my favorites:

Blue 1920's cloche
1920's silk chemise
1940's chocolate curl heels - WANT
Blue suede and brown leather two-tone shoes
Cotton eyelet 1930's dress
I'm a sucker for a chevron dress
Adorable plaid 1940's dress
Blue peplum dress with cutouts - HOTTTTT
1950's party dress with giant pockets

Sock Dreams

Socks are a critical part of every swing dancer’s wardrobe, regardless of gender. I stumbled upon this fantastic website devoted to socks, called Sock Dreams. I was specifically looking for striped socks for men, but I was delighted to see that this site does not differentiate its sock genders:

“What is it that makes a sock specifically a man’s sock? We’ve long wondered this and avoided the label for years, but here it is, our “Men’s socks” section. These are socks that our suppliers label as “Men’s” plus some others that fit the niche…”

It’s a free-for-all!

Socks for men and women – take your pick from their wide selection of excellent socks. Here are a few of my favorites:

A classic chevron sock that comes in an array of conservative and not-so-conservative colors.
Fairisle socks, multiple colors to choose from.
Stripes! More colors!
Circuit boards...certainly not in the vintage style, but I know enough techie Lindy Hoppers that this was a necessary post. They are also in classic two-tone.
Sock garters. These always make me think of old cartoons...
Argyle socks are the hotness! More colors on the website.
More argyle hotness!
Floral lace trouser socks, more colors on website.
Dotted diamond tights.
Zurich texture tights.

Pretty frocks to cure your case of the Mondays

On Mondays the eBay sellers get back to work with fresh vintage auctions for the week. Here’s what today’s listing had to offer:

Coral beaded flapper dress

Adorable blue gingham dress with bows on the shoulders and buttons up the side.

Colorful feedsack print dress.

Citrus striped sundress.

Aqua patterned 40’s day dress with puffed sleeves and rickrack.

Chevron striped sundress.

Black crepe cocktail dress with beading detail.

Art deco-inspired earrings.

Vintage picks of the day

It was a banner day for listing dresses of the swing era on eBay! Let’s get started:

I am not usually accepting of lace clothing, but for this dress I overcame my stigma about lace looking matronly or overdone. The color is cheerful, the cut impeccable, and it comes in a wearable size. Just look at the goring on that skirt! I bet it twirls like a dream…

This yellow crochet knit belted sweater with black crepe swing skirt is just too adorable for words! Someone please buy this and let me know when you are wearing it so I can come inspect its adorableness.

This formal gown is definitely not danceable, but was too gorgeous not to post – love this!

Beach pajamas!
Classic wide-leg, high waisted style in one colorful piece.

I love chevrons! This chevron dress has summer dance written all over it.