Lost and Found Lindy Lounge

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


What if you had unlimited patience and diligence to power through thrift store racks AND and uncanny knack for knowing your friends/dancers’ style to pick up the best deals for them at said thrift stores?  Knoxville dancer, organizer, and bandleader Megan Lange noticed this pattern in her life and a growing inventory in her house and decided to launch the Lost and Found Lindy Lounge, which is both a Facebook-based shop and a pop-up shop at swing dance events.  Megan has been posting new goodies regularly on the Facebook page and you can inquire about what you see in the photographs on the page in terms of pricing, shipping, sizes, etc.  She loves working with people, so don’t be shy about reaching out!

Swing dance friends make great models.

As with any business endeavor, the Lost and Found Lindy Lounge is a bit of serendipity, inspiration, and thoughtful business planning – Megan wrote this about her start: “A few years ago, I was given a book called A Vintage Affair (written by Isabel Wolff, a novel about a woman who owns a vintage store in London) and fell in love with the idea of owning a consignment shop – the book is also a lovely read – and when I combined that with my love for sewing and all things vintage, and the fact that I have time to do things right now… It just seemed like the right time to try it.  It’s all just a grand adventure.”

So what has Megan unearthed for the dancing masses?  Posted in the Facebook page is an array of dance-worthy and vintage-inspired shoes in great condition, dance dresses, jewelry, and hats, as well as a box showing her latest haul with some of the above and gloves and purses in the mix.  The shoes are the most impressive, some really nice dance heels and leather shoes, and lots of them!

You can find the Lost and Found Lindy Lounge at the Knoxville Lindy Exchange in October and MC Shuffle in February, and perhaps at some other events near you in the future!

Barely worn Chase & Chloe shoes, size 8.5, $15.00
The dance shoes don’t get any cheaper than this – $5.00 for what looks to be unworn Target brand Keds knockoffs.  Love this color combo for fall!

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