Practice Swing – A New Book from Swungover’s Bobby White

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


International swing dance instructor, prolific writer of the Swungover blog, and regularly the most dapper man in the room Bobby White has written a book titled “Practice Swing,” which launched today and is available for purchase online!  Practice Swing is accompanied by this sage description: “Since every great swing dancer has followed their own path to greatness, this book gives dancers as many choices as possible to find their own way, including in-depth explorations of skill-building, what makes exceptional dancers exceptional, and the variety of ways dance skills can be honed in studios, groups, or on the social dance floor.”

I’ve seen a lot of historical and biographical books about swing dancing and dancers, but I don’t recall many/any books on methods of study published during our modern swing era – since we are talking about dancing, it’s more obvious to use videos to learn steps, but what about going deeper than visual/physical movement and mechanics?  I imagine Bobby takes us on a journey that answers some of the deeper questions that can’t be covered in an instructional video and, as he always does with his Swungover writing and research, will give us lasting food for thought.

Bobby has written a great FAQ about the book on the Swungover blog that goes into much more details about “Practice Swing,” check it out and feel free to report back once you’ve had a chance to read and digest the book!


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