Deco Polo by SJC


This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Among the rarest of the rarities of pre-WWII clothing is knitwear – like today, they probably wore the crap out of it until that ratty shirt became a dust rag or bedding for a pet.  Simon James Cathcart, he of the superior summer spectators and Balmoral boots, has launched his Deco Polo, a wonderful addition to the scarce vintage reproduction men’s knitwear offerings available today.  Did I say men’s?  This is totally a unisex garment, I’m definitely getting one of these!

I love SJC’s descriptions – if this doesn’t sell this shirt to a bunch of sweaty dancers, I don’t know what will:

“After a year in development we think we’ve created the ultimate summer polo shirt. Made from the truly remarkable bamboo plant. This magic fabric was circular knitted in the old school style and is very slubby giving the shirt a distinctly raw 1930s look.  Why is it magic?  Well, bamboo miraculously wicks away sweat and odour whilst retaining its dryness and shape. The shirts are cool to touch, super soft on, and @ 230 grams they have a nice weighty feel on the body.”

For a limited time, SJC is offering some price breaks for people getting in on this shirt at the beginning and the more you buy, the better the discount.  Available in 6 colors (Navy. Milk Chocolate. Stone Grey. Bottle Green. Carmine Red. Cream.) and sizes XXS through XXXL – order now to get the discount!



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