FROMChloeHong Dance Shoes for Men and Women

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Men’s wingtips and captoes by FROMChloeHong

PRE-POST NOTE:  Facebook, you have failed me if you are not showing me every update from Chloe Hong.  I had to learn about these shoes MONTHS after their debut from the amazing and wonderful Ramona Staffeld, via Facebook, you know…whenever you got around to it, FACEBOOK.

THAT SAID, my favorite trumpet skirt designer and South Korean menswear designer Chloe Hong has thrown her hat into the dance shoe ring, offering classic oxford wingtips and cap toes for men and a t-strap dance heel for women, available in an array of colors to coordinate with all of Chloe’s lovely clothing.  Leather shoes with leather soles, and women can customize their heel height.  I’m not seeing these sold on Chloe’s website, but they are available with more information on her shop’s Facebook page, so shoot her a message via the Facebook page to grab a pair!


A delicious array of colors!
A close-up of the black oxfords – divine details…

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