Re-mix Special Editions at Trashy Diva

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Remix-Anita Heel-Bright Yellow-$203_thumb
Re-mix Anita in yellow

I love coming across colors of Re-mix Vintage Shoes that I don’t see on their website – one of the great things about Re-mix is that they’ve been around for a long time, so there are always discontinued styles and colors, though they are stellar about keeping certain styles and colors for a long time. I’ve noticed that they have done some special colors for Trashy Diva that are not available on the Re-mix website, leading me to believe that they are colors made just for Trashy Diva (correct me if I’m wrong, of course). It all makes sense, of course – where is the incentive to buy from TD if you can get the same pair from Re-mix directly? I also like to think that TD knows their clientele well and has input on the colors. Let’s dig in:

Remix-Cloche Heel-Blk Patent-Blk Suede-$216_thumb
Re-mix Cloche in black/black – it looks like these might also be available at Revival Retro.
Re-Mix-Cloche Heel-Fern_Yellow-$216_thumb
Re-mix Cloche in fern and yellow
Remix-Emily Heel-Mustard-$225_thumb
Re-mix Emily in mustard – also available in black and white in the “new” Emily ankle strap (as opposed to the t-strap)
Re-mix Garnet heel in silver
Re-mix Janet in silver
Re-mix Janet in gold – different from the gold on the Re-mix website, which is more muted and accented with pewter
Remix-Lillie Pumps-Red_Ivory-$203_thumb
Re-mix Lillie in red, also available in garnet (a deeper red/burgundy)
Remix-Zena 2 Wedge-Citron Combo-$189_thumbnail
Finally, there is this mysterious Re-mix Zena wedge that appears to not be a style offered on the Re-mix website at all – TD exclusive?

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