Re-mix Sale on Imperfect Shoes

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Just needs a button...and someone who doesn't mind a shoe that a few other people stretched out a bit....
Just needs a button…and someone who doesn’t mind a shoe that a few other people stretched out a bit….

Go directly to the Re-mix Vintage Shoes sale page and marvel at the prices – slightly damaged goods yields great sales on many styles and sizes! The cheapest pair is going for $35, this pair of blue Cassandre pumps – the issues? Floor model used for try-ons and is missing a button – but not even the button you really need to keep it on your feet, you could sew it down or replace it with your own button. There are less-damaged goods at a range of higher prices, but all are less than you’d pay for a new, pristine pair. I mean, we’re just going to get them scratched up on the dance floor anyway, right? 😉

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