The Flower City Follies – A Lovely Winter Costume

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

The Flower City Follies with costume designer Nicole Carson
The Flower City Follies with costume designer Nicole Carson

This past weekend I attended the Slow Dance Soiree in Rochester, New York to sing with Michael Gamble and his Rhythm Serenaders for the Friday and Saturday night dances. During the Friday night dance, Rochester’s chorus girl troupe, the Flower City Follies, performed a wonderful routine to “I’m Still Caring” (didn’t catch the artists, but will update if I do), wearing an ensembles worthy of Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas. The costumes consisted of an ice blue dress trimmed in white faux fur and a snowflake fascinator, all made by Nicole Carson (pictured at left above, uncostumed), and Marissa Wilson (pictured above, second row far right) made the faux fur muffs the dancers used as props. That’s right, every stitch of these costumes were made by hand by local dancers.

A close-up of the fascinator.
A close-up of the fascinator.

The whole effect was stunning and absolutely perfect for the event, given the snow on the ground outside and intermittent flurries throughout the weekend. As an added note of versatility, the costumes were made to be flattering on all sizes and body shapes, and each dress was made to fit a range of sizes, as there are more Follies dancers than costumes available, and the costumes would need to be worn by more than one girl, depending on the performance. This is one instance where tailoring and stretch fabric made a beautiful dress, without compromising the effect of the garment – they all looked fantastic!

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