Prohibition Clothing Launches Women’s Line

The Clara Knicker
The Clara Knicker

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

The long-awaited women’s line from Prohibition Clothing Company is go – I saw the fruits of their labor at the Jazz Age Lawn Party in August and now you can order these great separates online. Everything – the Parker trouser, the Clara knicker, and the Margaret skirt – is perfect for fall and coordinates with the existing menswear/unisex accessories. The neutral palette will also compliment so many other clothing items and colors for fall. I am particularly excited about having a ready-to-wear option for knickers and the potential for lady dandy dance ensembles and tweed ride awesomeness. Take a gander, folks!

The Margaret Skirt
The Margaret Skirt
The Parker Trouser
The Parker Trouser

4 thoughts on “Prohibition Clothing Launches Women’s Line

  1. As long as you’re teeny tiny! I wonder why a company that makes clothing for men of many different sizes, would limit their women’s sizing to medium and below.

    1. Hi Simone,
      This history of men’s clothing brings a tradition of tailoring and custom made garments. While women’s dressmaking is similar, sportswear is a different area. At size 12, garments have to be fit on another fit model and reworked slightly to maintain the design aesthetic. We certainly understand beauty comes in various sizes and look forward to growing our business so we can expand the sizes we offer.

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