LNDY HP JZZ Tee/Tank Pre-order/Kickstarter

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


Seattle swing dancer and graphic designer Marcie McCabe is running a Kickstarter to take pre-orders for her tee shirt and racer tank design, featuring variations on two words that come up daily in my vocabulary: Lindy Hop and Jazz.

From the campaign: “My name is Marcie McCabe and I have danced the Lindy Hop for a number of years. In the past, I have designed a couple of rad T-shirts that had nothing to do with a particular dance event or dance club because I felt that Lindy Hop as a culture stood strong on its own and that a Lindy theme shirt would be appreciated by the dance community at large. So that being said, here I go again! Help me print this Lindy Hop Jazz t-shirt. ”

This is truly a pre-order Kickstarter – you back her at $25 and you get a tee or a tank, no crazy $1,000 prize where you get to have dinner with her, just tees and tanks. Get your orders in soon!


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