Green Satin 1940’s Holiday Dress


This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I’m still in holiday dress mode – would love to own something like this 1940’s green satin dress, maybe with the skirt a bit wider for dancing. The shape, color, and fabric are so lovely here, but the kicker is the draping in the back – this is definitely a NYE-worthy dress… *drools*



2 thoughts on “Green Satin 1940’s Holiday Dress

  1. Omg! Did you outbid me on this??? Hahaha someone did at a second left. I’m still mad about it:) but if it was you that’s ok:) besides I have the twin in chocolate, but I love the green!

    1. I’m afraid there’s no way my hips would fit into this lovely dress, so the culprit is still out there. 😉 I love that there’s a twin to it, someone should reproduce the design, it looks so divine!

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