Malco Modes Ribbed Cotton Stretch Belt

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


I have written in the past about belts, specifically “wide swaths of leather, elastic, and metal making an orbit around the waists” of dancers, especially noticeable in competitions. I am guilty of this on the social dance floor as well – but so many belts can be hard to secure, especially the plastic/pleather ones that come with those reasonably priced wash-and-wear dresses.

After securing one of these reasonably priced dance dresses recently, it arrived with an unfortunate waistline that could only be remedied with a belt. I wanted something with elastic, but also something that was plain, but not too plain, resiliant, thick enough, and with an interesting buckle. I basically create the impossible in my head and then try to find it – it hones my hunting skills, but can be frustrating at times.

Fortunately, after a quick search on, I arrived at a belt that I think a lot of Lindy Hoppers may appreciate – Malco Modes Ribbed Cotton Stretch Belt. It met and exceeded the requirements – 100% cotton, simple-but-not-boring buckle, wide enough (but not too wide), elastic, durable, and available in 24 colors. I will be back for more colors, you can be certain of that.

Some of the reviews said the belt looked cheap and the fabric was cheap, but I think that depends on your point of view and the purpose of the belt. I wouldn’t wear this with shantung silk, clearly, but I would say the fabric is more durable cotton than “cheap” – think cotton work-shirt or uniform. With that durable, ruched cotton I feel very comfortable sticking in as many safety pins as needed to keep that belt securely in place.

2 thoughts on “Malco Modes Ribbed Cotton Stretch Belt

    1. I thought it odd that the size chart link didn’t work, but thankfully, they listed the sizing at the bottom. I ordered the medium, even though I am at the very bottom of that size range, I didn’t want the elastic to be too distressed. Though it says the medium unstretched is 30 inches, I did have to stretch it an inch or two to fasten it, so it wasn’t loose, it was pretty perfect, actually.

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