Wearing History 1940’s Panties & Bloomers Pattern

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


In my always-present search for swing dance undergarments, I am particularly (still) fond of tap pants, especially under short skirts. I love vintage tap pants cut on the bias, like silky dreams, they are! However, I find that they tend to take a beating from my dancing and start fraying because the material (and sometimes the elastic) are so old. Newer tap pants are less likely to be cut on the bias, or at least the ones I can afford to put through the wringer.

Then I saw that Wearing History had issued a 1940’s panties and bloomers pattern – of course you could make them, but I think that was a little out of mind until I saw that there was an actual pattern and they didn’t seem so complicated that they’d be some big undertaking – maybe more along the lines of craft project, in terms of skill level and time commitment. Yes? Maybe? They look adorable and just think – you could make them in any fabric you want!

You can order a printed pattern or an e-pattern – if you have some fabric, you can get started immediately. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Wearing History 1940’s Panties & Bloomers Pattern

  1. Your most important tool: a triangle ruler for cutting on the bias. Other than that, piece of cake! Lacking a sewing machine, you could even sew by hand, like fine French lingerie of the day.

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