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Margaret Dress
Margaret Dress

I was in Bygones in Richmond, Virginia a few weeks ago and noticed a label that I had never seen before on their reproduction dress rack, attached to a very attractive dark teal rayon print dress. I, of course, forgot to write it down, but Bygones was able to connect the dots for me about Petrunia via Facebook…

…and, upon further investigation, it appears that Petrunia has an entire line of dresses and coats, many in shapes and fabrics reminiscent of the decades when swing dancing was popular.

From the website: “As specialists in vintage apparel and textiles we know that the most-cherished pieces that are kept and worn for decades share the traits of extraordinary quality and a style that serves the wearer as well as the latest trends. Certain pieces are so feminine and flattering that they are truly transformative, making the wearer look and feel her best. With this in mind we have recreated the fabrics and the fit and feel of some of the best coat and dress designs from the 1930s to the 1960s, and we have added modern fabric and design innovations.”

This is all very reassuring, inspiring confidence in a Petrunia purchase that it would have those qualities of vintage clothing. Regretfully, I didn’t purchase that dress at Bygones, but the fabric did feel like a dreamy cool rayon and the construction details were lovely.

It looks like there are only limited quantities of certain garments available for purchase directly through them, but there is an extensive list of retail locations around the United States where you can purchase Petrunia garments. Hopefully, this will change and you’ll be able to purchase everything online, but I don’t see any news to that effect, so we shall have to be patient.

(Edited to add that the owners of Petrunia contacted me to let me know they just launched an online store at

Here’s what I’m loving from Petrunia:

Grace Dress
Grace Dress
Embroidered Linen Dress
Embroidered Linen Dress
40's dress in aqua and green
40’s dress in aqua and green
Margaret dress in scallop print
Margaret dress in scallop print

3 thoughts on “Petrunia

  1. Petrunia, the store that started it all, is about 5 minutes from me (by bike). They have lovely new things and the owners/designers are the real deal. My buddy is the model in the photo you posted! Their true vintage items are exceptionally beautiful and well-curated as well.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Petrunia on your awesome blog! Most of our dresses and coats are available on line at, and a selection can be purchased at

    If you’d like to see our vintage collection, we also have an etsy site, under the name “Petrune.”


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