The Original Inspiration and the Reproduction

The reproduction
The reproduction

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I often wonder what inspired certain reproduction dresses – shapes and motifs are obvious, but what about the specifics? I love finding those rare inspiration pieces and found what I believe to be Trashy Diva’s inspiration for their fall collection Lilian Dress (which I immediately began panting over upon seeing it) – this wonderful 1940’s dress on eBay. The embroidery is spot on. While the dress has undergone some Trashy Diva modifications, I think they made some great choices like moving the embroidery closer to the shoulder, changing the embroidery colors to more peacock blues and greens, losing the hip seaming/detail, and giving it an overall sleeker, more Asian-inspired silhouette. The charm is not lost, though, as the embroidery in the original is just as magnificent as the repro, and that little row of buttons is divine on both.

The original inspiration?  What say you, Trashy Diva?
The original inspiration? What say you, Trashy Diva?

7 thoughts on “The Original Inspiration and the Reproduction

  1. Thanks for noticing! I’ve never seen another one of these (I owned a 40s one just like this!) The original is painted and we also changed that to a nicer embroidery. Thanks for noticing & I really enjoyed your post! Candice

  2. Ohhh this is fantastic find as well! I love that Candace Gwinns inspiration is true vintage styles. It is also fun to see the vintage version live and well. It was quite a thrill to see my vintage picnic dress on a rack at one of my favourite stores of all times, made that dress even more special πŸ™‚ btw…love your blog. As a lindy hopper myself I enjoy your fashion tips and such for dancers (and non dancers) very much. Liz

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