Dance-Proof Red Lips by Kat Von D

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


I know several people who collect red lipstick for the lovely vintage look it gives them – there are so many reds to have, but not all lipsticks are created equal. The worst part about wearing most lipsticks is that they eventually wear off, leaving you looking thin-lipped, which defeats the entire purpose of wearing it in the first place. A night of dancing can wreak havoc on red lips. I have been looking for a budge-proof lip product and, after a semi-diligent search, I have the answer.

Kat Von D seems like the perfect spokesperson for a lip product that’s both glamorous and tough-as-nails. I was in Sephora on a whim and my friend Ellen Tucker, who works there, asked, “Is there anything you need?” I once swore by an Aveda lip pencil as a red lip foundation, but after it was discontinued I had no choice but to seek other products. I explained the red lip pencil/base search and she brought me over to the Kat Von D cosmetics, pulling out a really vibrant red and black tube of Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw (brick red). I was skeptical at first because liquid cosmetics can be difficult, but after a demonstration of it’s inability to be removed from her skin without a scrubbing, I was convinced…

…and I haven’t gone back! I am frequently asked how I manage to keep my lipstick on after dancing, meals, and gigs – this is the answer. It’s a bright red, but can be tempered by layering with other lipsticks. It is also matte, which gives it more of a vintage look.

It is slightly difficult to apply the first few times, but then you start to develop a technique and you understand that your fear of its electric red-ness will subside after the color sets in and it darkens a bit. I found it easiest to apply to either the middle of the upper or lower lip, then press lips together to spread the color, then do the outline of your lip. Also, check your teeth before you leave the mirror and give them a once-over with your tongue, or you’ll look like you had a vampire meal after application. Remove at the end of the night with a makeup remover – you may have to go over it twice to get all the color off.

I am hopeful that this line of cosmetics stays around for a while and, of course, I’d love to see some more color variations on red.

5 thoughts on “Dance-Proof Red Lips by Kat Von D

    1. It does make my lips very dry, but I always wear a regular lipstick over the liquid lipstick as a moisturizer. It doesn’t make them very moist overall, but it does prevent the peeling.

  1. I love Revlon’s “Just Bitten” lip stain in Gothic – it’s a relatively cool red (not “brick” at all, but not as ‘blue’ toned as Mac’s Ruby Woo either). It does wear off a little bit sometimes (depending on how oily any food is), but it’s so easy to apply (like a felt-tip marker) that I find it easy to fill in any gaps mid-evening. I’m not a big lipstick fan at all, and this easily fulfils my “feels like I’m just wearing my usual lipbalm” criterion!

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