Eastern Balboa Championships 2012

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

It’s that time of year again, where it’s time for me to hop in my car and drive 30 minutes to the next town over for one of the best Balboa events in the world, the Eastern Balboa Championships! This year will be particularly busy, with vendor reporting, DJ’ing, and my band, the Mint Julep Jazz Band, is playing the Friday night dance (and launching a Kickstarter for our first CD!) – so many things! All the things! While there is no shoe vendor this year, we will see a return of Raleigh Vintage‘s 1920’s through 1940’s trunk show and rumor is that The Cleveland Shop is coming all the way from, well, Cleveland to set up shop! A little ABW at EBC is always welcome. 🙂 Au revior! See you in a few days.

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